The One Where Patti Takes On the Chat Boards

Literally Patti Murin

Warning: The following blog post is going to make me either incredibly popular in the theatre community or incredibly unpopular in the theatre community.

As an actor, and as a human person, I’ve always cared about what others think. Whether it was that mean girl in fifth grade who made fun of my glasses, or the boys who teased me about my braces, or the popular girl in junior high who pointed out that I wasn’t wearing the right brand of jeans, I cared deeply. And so on and so forth, until I found myself in a career where it legit revolves around what other people think. Am I good enough, am I pretty enough, am I friendly enough, etc. We get reviews written about us, which other people are allowed to, and overwhelmingly encouraged to, read when they are delivered to their inbox or front doorstep. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people…

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The Flood

It seems waiting and crying and giving up, and reconnecting, and giving up, and fighting, and crying, and waiting are the constant. Meanwhile outside, it’s raining and it’s pouring and the blessings are flowing. and overflowing. THE FLOOD IS HERE. I am so grateful to be pulled out of my house to dance inthe water. I could’ve missed this, but i’m feeling every drop. At once being elevated, at once being shredded apart;but I feel it. Every second is a new claw print in fresh mud. And not just because of the new year, cuz really I’m in Chicago. The money is coming, but what is true is that the manifestation is already here.

My play, Princess Mary Demands Your Attention, is doing all the things by herself. She is such a grown woman now. We just wrapped an amazing tech, and begin dress rehearsals tomorrow. I feel like a crazy person all the time these days; and Like a good crazy person, like Dali. Meting clocks, et. al.

That awkward/obvious moment a dream you had and were lucky enough to write down comes to life again.

So far we’ve been talked about/ featured in:

The Advocate, American Theatre Magazine, Playbill, Chicago Magazine, Windy City Times, Out Chicago, Chicago Sun- Times, Chicago Tribune,, Time out Chicago, The Chicago Reader and many blogs!

#PrincessMaryBC Trended on Twitter in Chicago during our Benefit at Mary’s Attic.

Pictures like this: 

and this:

The Flood is here y’all. And i’m swimming like Ariel. Complaining like Sebastian, but swimming like Ariel.


The Power Of Thinking Positive PT 5 How To Stop Wasting Your Time And Energy

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

what you love you magnify

“In the buffet line you choose what you want and pass over what you don’t want. What you do not want and don’t like you do not give another thought to. Instead you select from what you want to enjoy, you focus on what it is you like and exclude the rest. You do not beat yourself up because there are items on the buffet that are not for you.

Continued from: The Power of Thinking Positive! How To Make Your Thoughts Work For You Parts 1- 4.

It is the same in everyday life. We need to keep our eye and our mind on the good now in our present and the good future we want to create. This is where we keep our attention and our energy.

Do not get distracted by present circumstances no matter what they are. Even if everything around you is crappy you still focus and concentrate…

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So, k.

Princess Mary meetings and pre-production stuffs have begun!

I’m so excited I could spit. Also, So prepared. It’s like all of this work has actually paid off in my brain. Which is new.

Also I went in to Simon Casting today for Meals for Monologues and it didn’t suck. In Fact, it was a blast. Glad I got off my FANNY and went. Thanks for Rus coming with and driving and donating and margaritas and tacos after!

Friends are great. See? Toldjew it was a Positive Post.

Go Have Sex.



SO It’s been officially a MONTH since I auditioned for that show I really thought I was perfect for and the audition went amazing and I have heard nothing so that’s better than nothing right? like thats better than no right? and I should keep hoping they’ll call right, cuz they haven’t said no so thats like yes right? and no cast lists have been posted yet so theres still a chance right? and I should totally be getting an email any day from my agent yeah? I’m just like waiting right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!!!!!!~UGH. #Byefelicia. PS. WAITING like this, TOTALLY makes you get a boyfriend. Like, they ALL want you. Desperation gets you laid. Love ~AHollz

UMM... Where you at, OFFER?

Some Old Musical Theatre Songwriting Tropes We Should Be Using More

At least I know I’m not crazy. or I’m Crazy with a bunch of really intelligent crazy folks. Song Ranges are nuts these days.~A

major to minor

1. Flip the Title Around, and/or Gently Pun Upon It

Punning on a song’s title used be quite the thing, back when lyricists were allowed to be clever for the fun of it. Here’s an attention-getting example from Ira Gershwin:

Beginning of refrain …

They’re writing songs of love,
But not for me.
A lucky star’s above,
But not for me.

By refrain’s end …

When every happy plot,
Ends with a marriage knot
And there’s no knot for me

That’s “But Not For Me”, from Girl Crazy (1930), and I doubt you could get away with that sort of pun today, outside of a cabaret act or a topical revue. It throws character aside, and pulls the audience out of the story. But Ira Gershwin could be beautifully subtle when he wanted to. This is “Long Ago (and Far Away)”, from the movie Cover Girl (1944):

Refrain starts …

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Musical Theatre Bullies

This is so freaking important. xoxo~A


When I was growing up, I got picked on. Fairly ruthlessly, come to think of it. Being a classical musician in high school did not put me with the popular crowd. So, wasn’t I excited to get to college and be around “my own kind” – people that got what I loved and were just as nerdy about it as I was. German sixths? Awwwww yeah!

Imagine, though, getting to your chosen place of higher learning and discovering, whoops, you were wrong: this community isn’t going to be supportive either. And worse, these people do what you do and use their perceived knowledge and talent as a weapon to bully others, including you. For many students this scenario is not a stretch.

Two students generously volunteered to share their stories with us. They are from different well-respected musical theatre programs around the country (No, we will not divulge which ones. Sadly, we don’t think…

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